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where you can get free ringtones

    free ringtones
  • A ringtone or ring tone is the sound made by a telephone to indicate an incoming call or text message. Not literally a tone, the term is most often used today to refer to customizable sounds used on mobile phones.

    you can
  • "You Can" is a Giorgio Moroder produced, 1981 single by Madleen Kane. Along with the track, "Fire in My Heart", "You Can" was Kane's most successful single on the dance charts, spending three weeks at number one. The single was her only Hot 100 chart entry, peaking at #77.

  • This is a phrase that increases or decreases in effect by inflection as it is pronounced. It means that the speaker presents to his hearers the whole matter under discussion for them to do with as they wish.

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one nine one. You Can

one nine one. You Can

This is extremely symbolic for me. 958 photos, yeah, that's normal what?! :O

Also, I wrote this to my dad today. I never thought I would be strong enough to do so. But now you guys can see what a bitch I really am. And also, you now know all my brothers' names, and some unfortunate memories that I don't really ever talk about. I don't know how I feel about that.

Song by Deb Talan.


I’m sorry it has taken me so long to write and send this. I guess I just needed time to mull it over.

My examples of alcoholism and how it has affected me are probably the same as when we talked about it before, months ago. These are the ones that stick out most to me, and I don’t particularly want to go through memories and bring up old ones that I’ve tried to forget. They also are the same because when we talked about it last, you dismissed them. They are the same because they haven’t gone away.

The first is when you and Justin went out and got drunk on Christmas Eve. Mom, Rockford, Grant, and I hung out with each other because that’s what we do on holidays.

The second is when you went to Gator’s to watch the Yankee game and drink instead of going to our swim meet. They were during the week, you missed pretty much all of them because of being out of town. Which is unchangeable and fine. But the one that you could’ve gone to, you didn’t.

The third is when we were all at the beach. I think it was one of the first nights there, I don’t really remember. It was a small unit so Rockford and Grant were on the pull out couch. Mom was making something for us to eat and I was probably on the computer. You went out to one of the bars in the little strip next to the hotel and came in drunk. Before going to bed you told Grant to wake you up at seven the next morning. We were all baffled because we didn’t see how that had anything to do with anything. So we just sat there staring at each other, wondering what would come next, like we always did. As you got up to go to bed, you said, “I know you won’t be able to, Grant. Get me up at seven. Set an alarm and wake me up. I know you can’t.” And then you laughed, headed into your room and said, “I know you won’t be able to.” Closed the door. Grant was obviously hurt by it and completely confused. I don’t remember if he cried or not. I sat there in utter fury as Mom apologized to Grant for you. For your actions. For hurting him for no apparent reason. The way she always did. She would hug us and make excuses. The next morning, no one spoke of it. You probably didn’t even remember it. The way it always went.

The last example is when you, Justin, Mom and I were all in the kitchen/den. We had been talking for a long time. Well, really you and Mom had been talking, Justin and I just mostly looking at each other and saying something when we felt like we could. Eventually, you hit your limit of conversation, I suppose it was. And you said that yes, you would choose alcohol over us, your family. That pretty much ended the argument (because that’s really what it was, not a conversation). Honestly, what is there to say after such a statement? I had long known it to be true. Look at my examples, for goodness’ sake, you chose alcohol over us every time. That’s just how it goes. But it was different to finally hear it. To have you recognize it. And it was new to Mom. It broke her. We sat there after you left and she just cried. I’ve been out of denial the longest, you see. I don’t know that I ever really was in it. I think I’ve always known you were an alcoholic.

Anyway. All I can say is that you’ve kept your word. Alcohol is still number one.

I don’t know if this is what you were expecting, but there it is.

P.S. I got my nose pierced. Just thought you might want to know.

You Can't Always Get What You Want

You Can't Always Get What You Want

This was what I wanted to enter into the Ohio Foothills challenge, but the pics were poor quality taken through the thick scratched plastic cage. An African Bullfrog who could easily gulp 25 crickets up before you could see it done. However, one cricket wisely stayed on top.

Big problem now is that Jim thinks he's Mick Jagger, and keeps singing to me, "You Can't Always Get What You Want". GRRR.

Below another pic, and an example of the pic before editing.

where you can get free ringtones

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